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Smart Mask® is a 3-Layers Mask with nanotechnology
performance fabrics.

As recommended by the CDC and the W.H.O

Smart Mask® is a premium, one size fits all, 3-layer reusable mask that features UV, Water, Dirt resistant NanoTechnology® materials and is washable a reusable. For every mask you purchase we donate one to our charitable partners.

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Smart Mask®

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Smart Mask®
With Intertek and Oetko Standard Fabrics
Over 1,000+ reviews
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Over 1,000+ positive reviews

I ordered 4 of these for everyone in my family. My husband and kids love theirs. A long with them being extremely comfortable the style and design is very nice. It fits the face very well. Will be buying more for other family members.
Jane M.
Verified buyer
Wearing a mask used to be a pain. I tried a number of different designs that either didn't fit or were uncomfortable after long use. Once I tried SmartMask I purchased a second. Super comfortable and easy to wash!
David T.
Verified buyer
Worth every penny. I bought mine in early May and I wear it every day for work. I wash it every day, and it still looks, and feels like the first day I got it. Very versatile and comfortable. I'm extremely satisfied. I highly recommend SmartMask.
Carlie J.
Verified buyer
Great fitting and amazing shape. I can breathe in warm weather and it's a great alternative to the blue ones
Gabri A.
Verified buyer
After many months of closed doors, we knew we needed the best certified mask to reopen our restaurant. SmartCover had it all. Our employees are able to breath comfortably and communicate easily with customers. The nanotech materials make a huge difference especially with all the steam emitted in the kitchen. Overall fantastic company
Poggio Casale
Verified buyer
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For every mask your purchase, we donate 1 mask to a senior or local essential worker in need.
(ie. if you purchase 5 masks, we'll donate 5 masks)

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